How to extend the battery life of your robotmower?

There are two main reasons for ALL of the robotic lawnmower manufacturers recommend to place the charging station in a shaded position, or to repair it from direct sunlight exposure.

Wear caused by the action of UV rays

All the objects exposed to the sun’s rays and weathering will, sooner or later, discolor and deteriorate. It may often depend on the type and quality of the material they are made of, but the plastic covering the robot and the charging station is certainly subject to this type of wear.

Shorter battery life

When the robot is in charging mode over the station WITHOUT any sunlight protection, its surface can reach far higher temperatures than air temperature.

In the medium term this fact can compromise the functionality of its battery, which will have a shorter life span. Therefore, it should be more frequently replaced, to maintain the efficiency of the robot at the highest levels.

Have a look at this short video:








Testing our products at our development center …


… on a sunny summer day, with 30°C air temperature, we have

detected on the top of the garage over 60°C …






… while the temperature inside the garage was 35°C!!!






This remarkable difference in temperature is due to composite aluminum, the material we use to produce our covers.

A lightweight but wear and weathering resistant material, which provides an excellent thermal insulation. So much appreciated also in architecture, where it is often used for walls and roofs coating of buildings.

A carefully chosen material, that will allow you to extend the battery life of your robotmower!!!


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