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Il garage per robot tagliaerba con forme ispirate al mondo della fantascienza. All’ inizio del 2021 sara’ disponibile il Cyber Garage di Idea Mower. Le forme dal disegn moderno sono ispirate al mondo della fantascienza. Costruito in resistente ACP non teme agli agenti atmosferici ed eventi dannosi. La protezione del Robot Tagliaerba e della base […]

The rain sensor module

Commercial grass-cutting robots are equipped with a rain sensor that controls and stops the robot in the event of rain. The garage for robot lawnmower and the covers of the charging stations cover the rain sensor during charging and the rain sensor becomes insensitive in the event of rain. The “rain sensor module” is a […]


Nous présentons dans ces images sont les premières photos du garage pour les modèles Robomow rx 12 rx 20. Nous avons fait ce garage pour une nouvelle combinaison de matériaux pour la construction et a également adopté une nouvelle philosophie au garage Robot Tondeuse Ils entrent dans notre format de catalogue en ABS et polycarbonate […]

We like the new Worx Landroid S robot

Recently launched, the new Worx Landroid S robotmower is already gaining ground. A compact and ideal robot for gardens that do not exceed 500m2, with slopes up to 20° (35%). Equipped with anti-shock and anti-lift sensors, it also has wi-fi connection and can be fully controlled and programmed remotely from your smartphone via the dedicated […]

How to extend the battery life of your robotmower?

There are two main reasons for ALL of the robotic lawnmower manufacturers recommend to place the charging station in a shaded position, or to repair it from direct sunlight exposure. Wear caused by the action of UV rays All the objects exposed to the sun’s rays and weathering will, sooner or later, discolor and deteriorate. It may […]

Jolly, a ideal garage

  “Ideal” is synonymous with perfection. For a robot lawn mower garage perfection is to be economical, functional and versatile. All this is Jolly Garage. We conceived it specially for Landroid Worx and for the Robomow models.   The strengths of this small ideal garage Built in aluminum composite, long-lasting material. Wide choice of colors. Its cover is […]

Smart Garage? Very smart

A garage can be smart? Yes, it can, if its name is Smart Garage… Indeed… The Smart Garage is built in just five pieces of aluminum of various colours. It is also firm and strongly anchored to the ground. [hcolumns] [columnhelper col-md-6] [columnhelper col-md-6] [/hcolumns] It comes in two versions: Standard and Plus. [hcolumns] [columnhelper […]