Shell Garage by Idea Mower for STIG

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Stig is the new robotic lawnmower from STIGA. Stig is a combination of modern technology and know-how on robotic lawnmowers that STIGA has collected over the years in gardens across Europe.

IDEA MOWER proposes its Garage SHELL for the new STIG robot.

The base of the robotic lawnmower

With a weight of only 9 kg, the robotic lawnmower is one of the lightest. This is obviously ideal for lawn care without marks on the lawn, done by the robot’s passage. The noise reduction under the sheet guarantees a silent cut. The enclosed cover and sensors underneath detect obstacles. Stig can work on land with a slope of 45% (24 °). With its two different battery packs, the robotic lawnmower can mow 600 m² or up to 1200 m². High-quality batteries should impress with their performance and long life. Brushless motors are mounted.

SHELL is a cover that is easy to use and install. Constructed from strong and durable ACP Aluminum composite. Protects from rain, wind and hail. It ensures important protection for the robotic lawnmower and the charging station of the STIG robot lawnmower.


Shell Garage a real surprise for robotic lawnmower accessories

Built with recyclable materials. Packaged with recyclable materials. Transport space reduced to a minimum. The assembly and installation time in just a few SECONDS, without the need for any tools.

What more could you want from a cover for robotic lawnmowers

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Five work areas for STIG

 You can set 5 “Go-to-Cut” points. In this way it is possible to teach the robotic lawnmower 5 different points along the boundary wire where the cutting work begins. The Stig has a rain sensor that promises correct detection of rain and situations such as humidity from morning dew.

Simple operation of the robotic lawnmower

The user interface is equipped with the most necessary functions. In addition to the main switch, the Stiga robotic lawnmower has a start button, it is also possible to start the starting position and a cutting point. The cutting height is easily adjusted via a small adjustment wheel. Settings are made via a smartphone, with a Bluetooth device.


The app for the robotic lawnmower

The Stig app is intuitive and designed to be easy to use. It is available for Android and IOS. You can easily communicate with your robotic lawnmower. Easily make adjustments based on user preferences. You can use the app to plan the cutting program or a cut in several areas.

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