Our IDEA to build garages and covers for Robot Lawnmowers was born a few years ago from a lucky intuition of our team that for years has been designing and creating design objects and constructions, between Italy and Slovenia.

The decisive push has been the collaboration with an important operator in the field of robot lawnmowers.
Over time, our team has studied the operation and needs of a robot mower in all weather and use conditions and from there we built garages or ideal covers for these beautiful machines.

The Italian design and the skilled hands of our craftsmen have created the first prototypes and then the mass production of the first models, perfectly compatible with the functionality of the robot lawnmowers.

This research has allowed us to enter this fascinating and stimulating world of robotics and garden machines. We keep following the evolution in the production of robots and we create Garages and Covers compatible with them, as well as many other accessories useful for their operation.

Today our design and development of prototypes continues in Italy, but to be closer to our customers throughout Europe, we have moved our legal and commercial office in Slovenia.



A group of young and well-integraqted designers continually study new covers compatible with the newest robot lawnmowers. They produce the first prototypes in Italy, that are extensively tested being sent to production.



The various materials used for the construction of the garages are prepared and precisely cut with modern CNC machines. We have created some special equipment to make our garages in order to have products that match their quality design.



After extensive checks on the final quality, our products is accurately packaged and shipped all over Europe.