Wir mögen das neue Worx Landroid S roboter

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Recently launched, the new Worx Landroid S robotmower is already gaining ground.

A compact and ideal robot for gardens that do not exceed 500m2, with slopes up to 20° (35%).

Equipped with anti-shock and anti-lift sensors, it also has wi-fi connection and can be fully controlled and programmed remotely from your smartphone via the dedicated app.

A very interesting feature is the reduced distance from the edge of the blade, which allows it to cut the grass around the perimeter of the lawn, saving the time of manual cleaning of the edges.

Unlike other Worx Landroid models and most robots on the market, the Landroid S has a side charging system with a discreet and elegant charging station.


It was a pleasure to design an adequate cover

This new and interesting model could not go unnoticed and Idea Mower has always followed with attention the novelties of the robotmower market.

The design and construction of an elegant and practical cover began months ago, when there were still little infos about the operation of this robot. We should in fact consider its dimensions, its charging system and its approaches to and from the charging station.

Now we have finally launched on the market a cover which has adequate dimensions to offer a sure shelter from direct sunlight and weathering. At the same time, it does not hinder the routes and the movement of the robot.

The charging station has a customized side protection and it is easy to reach, due to the right dimensions of the cover.

Best quality materials were used as always. Inox steel for screws and support feet, composite aluminum for the structure.

A soft PVC gasket is applied on the edges, to make it safer for everyone.

Built in three parts, it is easy to assemble, transport and store. The packaging is quite small and occupies very little space.

It is available, on demand, a very useful accessory, the rain module. Easy to apply to the top, it allows rain drops to activate the rain sensor of the robot.


If you are a Landroid S owner, please leave a comment and share with us your feedback about this robot.

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