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A robotic lawn mower for small gardens, finally

The robotmower lovers have really appreciated the decision of Friendly Robotics, manufacturer of the Robomow mowers, to launch a range of robots suitable for small gardens.

If your lawn has a size smaller than 200m2, you will find the new RX range perfectly suitable for your needs.

Two models available, the RX12 and the RX20, of same dimensions (53x42x26cm), mowing width (18cm) and maximum slopes (15%), but quite different in their functionality:

  1. LAWN SIZE: RX12 – 50m2 recommended, 250m2 max;  RX20 – 200m2 recommended, 300m2 max.
  1. NUMBER OF MOWING ZONES: RX12 – 1 zone;  RX20 – 5 zones
  1. SCHEDULING and CONTROL: RX12 not programmable, avviamento manual star;  RX20 programmable, remote control available via the Robomow app on the smartphone. 

Absolutely competitive the prices. On the official Robomow webpage the RX12 model is offered at 499€, the RX20 model at 649€. Quite higher the prices in GBP, as you have to spend 599£ for the RX12 and 799£ for the RX20 [Robomow GB]


The NEO MINI series, our best offer for the Robomow RX


Three the garages suitable for the Robomow RX robotic lawn mowers, in dimensions and functionality, available in our store and all of them belong to the Neo Mini series.

Neo Mini, the base model of the range. Simple and with a rounded shape, it allows an adequate protection to those small sized robots. Easy to install, it is lightweight and very resistant to weathering.

Neo Mini Cover [photo], the Neo Mini with a customized silk-screen printing designed to combine with the Robomow lawn mowers. It is also possible to order it with a printing suggested by the customer.

Neo Mini Modular, the evolution of the Neo Mini. It is made of three easy assembling parts and provided with a transparent window on the top. This window allows an easy control of the buttons and the lights on the robot. It is the most complete model of the Neo Mini range.

All the three models are open on the rear side, allowing an easy control of the lights on the base station. A rear aluminum or plexy wall is however available as an accessory, to provide additional shelter to the charging station. Easy to open, it gives additional space to the power supply, the cables or the tools for the robot maintenance.


Are you a Robomow RX owner or are you planning to buy one? Please leave a comment and share with us your insights and opinion about this robot.

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